our portfolio

Deep freezer stores

Our facilities are unrivalled and reliable:

  • We use only the highest grade materials.
  • The materials we use comply with all sanitary and legislative requirements.
  • Each facility is designed individually, in accordance with the Investor’s guidelines, the specific nature of the Investor’s activities and the type of product stored. This approach to the project ensures that the facility is tailored to a specific application thus complying strictly with the needs and requirements of each customer.
  • We equip our facilities with modern refrigeration appliances, which make our freezer stores functional, easy to clean and energy efficient.
  • Our projects meet the European and international standards required for this type of facility; in so complying, we are able to freely obtain export licences for many of the world’s markets without difficulty.
  • Our state-of-the-art refrigeration and racking technologies provides complete solutions for refrigerated warehouses. The temperature in our facilities ranges from 0 to minus 50 degrees, as sampled within the spectrum, thus allowing the indefinite storage of a wide range of foodstuffs and produce, without loss of either quality or freshness.

Frozen foodstuffs are part of the whole food industry and encompass meat processing plants, poultry and meat products, as well as fruit and vegetables. In addition to the food industry, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies also require the highest quality, temperature-controlled storage facilities.