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How do we work?

CUBATO offers a comprehensive range of services: , commencing with the preparation of the project and the design and continuing with assistance and advice in obtaining funding, building the facility, controlling and co-ordinating all phases of the project until its submission to the customer; we assist with the acquisition of the permit for use, the commencement of production, co-ordination of the supply of machinery and equipment and conclude with the preparation of the financial settlement of the project. Our portfolio includes industrial construction for the food industry. We offer the following facilities: refrigerators, freezers, production halls, feed mills, livestock facilities, hen houses and other large buildings as well as specialised, industrial premises.

CUBATO’s offer includes comprehensive services in the following areas:

  • Preparation of the concept
    The Company prepares the best concept for a given project, adapted to the needs and requirements of the Investor; we also ensure full compliance with all applicable legislation.
  • Execution of the project
    We offer a fully inclusive service, tailored to the needs of each specific investment. Each project is previously discussed with the designers and, based on the information received, we develop individual documentation, created from scratch each time, using the in-depth knowledge of the project team.
  • Advice and assistance in obtaining funding
    Using our experience, we co-ordinate with specialist, funding companies, such as banks and other advisory institutions, assisting with EU funding.
  • Construction of the facility
    The Company specialises in industrial construction for the food industry. These premises include refrigerators, freezers, production halls, feed mills, livestock facilities, hen-houses and other buildings and specialised industrial facilities.
  • Select, reliable and proven sub-contractors
    Our Company maintains a team of reliable and proven sub-contractors with whom we have been co-operating for many years. Shared experience in the completion of projects translates into trust and credibility, enabling us to provide the best quality of service.
  • Control and co-ordination of all phases of the investment
    Every stage of the Investment is subject to inspection by experienced specialists and qualified personnel. Co-ordination is in line with the Investor’s expectations and is in strict compliance with all sanitary, quality and legislative requirements.
  • Project finance
    We assist in the efficient arrangement of financing for the project, in line with planned budgets.
  • Co-ordination of the delivery of machines and equipment
    All Investor requirements for the machinery and technology for use in the completed facility are discussed with specialists in the field. We deliver the machinery to the facility, fully assembled and ready for use, thus fulfilling the expectations of our Business Partners.
  • Production start-up
    We offer a complex, production start-up service under the guidance of our specialists in order to achieve full commissioning and the efficiency expected.
  • Obtaining ‘Permission to Use’
    We submit full documentation for the obtainment of ‘permission to use’ the facility, thus relieving the Investor of the chore of this complicated procedure.
  • Hand-over of the facility
    Hand-over takes place upon receipt of all permits, once completion of the facility is fully established and the investor is assured that his/her premises are now capable of carrying out production, having been delivered to his/her satisfaction.