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Feed mills

We erect feed mixing facilities from the design stage to the manufacture of the steel structure itself and the construction of the feed mixing facilities; we also provide the requisite technology according to the Investor’s guidelines.

Thanks to our many years’ experience in providing these facilities, we are aware that feed mixes play an important role in the production process and that effective mixing is the key to achieving the highest quality of product.

The highest quality and technological requirements, such as

  • practicality,
  • technical refinement,
  • adaptability to modifications,
  • adaptability to various amendments,
  • sustainability of operation is achieved at all stages by our Company.

A very important element in this type of premises is the hygienic production and storage of products. In response to customer’s expectations, we have developed our own solutions such as bulk storage tanks and funnel silos.

Feed mills are premises with a specific use in respect of the various processes typical of this sector of industry; hence the feed mills we build comply with the high standards set by the EU and also with the requirements of the market, globally.