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Livestock buildings

Our offer also includes designs for farms, including livestock facilities, poultry farms and chicken coops.

In this case, we rely on masonry technology while also using steel-based structures and laminated sandwich panels. Premises of this type combine high thermal insulation with exceptional ease of maintenance and hygiene inside the building, essential in this type of production.

It is important to note that there is a specific, microclimate in livestock buildings, which depends on the external climate, viz., the temperature, wind and humidity, the location of the building, the size of the building, the type of building, the type of materials used and the structure of the building, the quantities and types of inventory within the building as well as the ventilation system. Our designs provide excellent, highly efficient ventilation under extremely difficult conditions.
They are also environmentally safe and friendly.

This is extremely important because, with these solutions, animal husbandry becomes much easier, requires less effort and yields better production results.

Also of great importance is that our ready-made, steel structures for the accommodation of livestock meet PN-EN 1090-1 and PN-EN1090-2 standards; these facilities are adapted and regulated to minimum, national requirements, as well as according to EU standards, viz.,

  • the use of environmentally friendly technologies,
  • economical energy management,
  • the use of energy from raw materials, produced in the course of production,
  • wthe use of functional equipment.

The steel structure used for the construction of livestock buildings is required to be anti-corrosive. The most commonly used methods are painting, hot dip galvanizing, zinc painting and fireproofing. Each of these methods is available for selection from our Company.

We are experts in the solutions we offer and we only offer the best! We go all out to satisfy our customers’ needs, tailoring designs to individual requirements.